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Soul-Centered Support for Shifting Paradigms 

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Hi, I’m Elizabeth. You can call me Liz.


Do you want to live a soul-centered life?

I am a Dance Movement Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher with many years experience leading all kinds of awesome humans, in all kinds of diverse environments. Through movement, intuitive practices and storytelling, I will help you bridge the body and the psyche to process and release the stored emotions, unconscious beliefs and ancestral traumas that limit your perception of what is possible. You can read my bio here.

Do you remember the last time you felt truly free and safe enough to be your REAL self?


  • What if you could feel that way all the time?

Do you invest way too much energy worrying about what others think and seeking external approval?

  • How would it feel to live life on your own terms?

Do you sometimes feel like society is a cage you are forced to fit into?

  • What if you could break the chains?

I help people recover from centuries of patriarchal conditioning.

Do you feel trapped in a system you didn’t create? 

Are you overcome by powerlessness and hopelessness in the face of climate collapse, capitalist greed and white supremacy?

Our work together will decondition your mind and body, and set them free, so that you can show up fully in these times of shifting paradigms.

  • I will guide you to find and listen to the deep but powerful voice within.  

  • I will help you step into power and reclaim authority over your own life.

  • I will help you break through patterns of unworthiness, shame, guilt, fear and abandonment.

  • I will offer you guidance to care for self throughout challenges and changes. 

  • I will guide you to reconnect with your body, your heart, your ancestors, our home planet and the universe.

These are times of extreme transition.

The world is changing.

At times, we might feel lost or uncertain about where we belong. We might feel confused or numb. This can be scary, overwhelming and exhausting.

How do we navigate through climate collapse, social change, spiritual deficit, corporate greed, and the centuries long impact of white supremacy and sexism?

To stay centered through these intensifying collective shifts requires that we become present.

Here’s the raw truth - the world needs you to show up fully. To do this requires that you show up for your own healing process. This takes accountability, courage, and a deep commitment to Truth over bullshit. 

Are you interested in connecting to learn about how I can support you?

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Schedule an Alignment Call with me today!  

This is a FREE 30 minute call to connect with me and explore what Wild Embodiment can offer you.

There is no obligation to sign on as a client after this call and I will not pressure you into a commitment. I promise.

Let’s get to know each other and see if we are aligned as co-creators of change!


”Liz’s movement session work was amazing and authentic. She has a  gift of listening to the essence of a client’s needs and channeling it  into movement to help facilitate awareness, growth and change. 

Her sessions gave me the confidence to shift what was already brewing in  my life, and expand the mental constructs that have kept me confined  through transformative movement in a deeply supportive environment. I  highly recommend Liz and her movement work."

~Kelsey, Maine

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