What's this all about anyway?

"If you want to give birth to your true self, you are going to have to dig deep down into that body of yours and let your soul howl. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and trust that if you turn off your head, your feet will take you where you need to go". 

-Gabrielle Roth 

A Conscious Cultivation

Liz's work promotes dynamic exploration of the place where spirit and matter, conscious and unconscious, inner tension and external dimension meet and produce experience. Liz has had a long love affair with, dance and movement, the human psyche and the study of consciousness. 

Liz is a “Midwife of Soul” and helps each of her clients to embody their innermost sense of freedom and truth.

Her studies of consciousness began late in her teen years after an underworld journey "Persephone-style" brought her face to face with own shadow. Liz then travelled inner and outer worlds for several years as a devoted Phish phan before formalizing her study of yoga at Yogi Hari's ashram. After this, Liz continued her own healing process, immersing herself in practices of 5 Rhythms, Authentic Movement and astrology.

In 2012, Liz received a bachelor’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Prescott University, and in 2018, a master’s degree in Dance Movement Therapy from Lesley University. She is a certified and experienced yoga teacher, student of Grandmother Kaariina of Cocreavatars and of Shunyamurti at Sat Yoga Institute. 

Liz is currently developing two books; the first is a workbook to support women in aligning their lives with the moon and nature’s rhythms. The second is a deeper project: one part autobiography, one part healing handbook, and one part psychospiritual manifesto. She has had writing published in The Urban Howl and Rebelle Society.

Liz's work is done is service to a higher vision of a peaceful society on Earth that celebrates diversity, nature, beauty and community. She envisions a heart-centered collective of fellow earthlings living together in love and wisdom, joyfully dancing the dharma of our ancestors in bare feet. Liz welcomes offerings of abundance in alignment with this vision. She is mother to 3 beautiful starseeds, wife of a Scorpio, and dedicated Phish phan. 

For All Our Relations!

The Lotus Temple

Is it a tent? A seed? A womb? A head of garlic? However you perceive it, The Lotus Temple is a Sacred Space for self-exploration. In this space, Liz offers many ongoing and special events in her  communities, near and far! 

Liz felt a strong desire to create this space in her life; a space to celebrate, to rest, to connect, to meditate, to gather- a small plot of the New Earth here in her own back yard.

In the The Lotus Temple, magic awaits.  There is harmony in the circular design. Natural light shines through the canvas. Birdsong provides the soundtrack. And rustling leaves paint living shadows on the walls.

It truly feels magical inside!

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