Mythical Astrology


What is your archetypal story?

 Astrology is a way of mapping and tracking the development of  consciousness, both within the collective and the individual. It’s  multidimensional, creative and alive. As an esoteric art, astrology  requires the interpreter (aka astrologer) to attune to both the gross  and subtle, micro and macro-cosmic, frequencies of aspects and transits.  This is a way of deep listening to and building relationship with the  universe itself. 

Mythical Astrology hones in on the archetypal and symbolic themes that emerge from the chart.

 It reaches for understanding far beyond “pop astrology”  and into that aspect of consciousness that expresses itself as a living  psychic architecture.  Archetypes are living psychic frameworks that form the foundation of our life stories. This is the architecture through which our individual life stories unfold.

Developing  an awareness of these archetypal stories is a way of communicating and  working directly with the Universe. We can tap into the synchronicity  and flow of Divine Will. We will become more aligned with cosmic  consciousness.

Develop a conscious relationship with the Universe.

In Mythical Astrology sessions, you will receive a thorough natal chart reading. 

We  will dive into any pressing issues and questions that may be surfacing  in your life. You will be guided, through movement and guided  meditation, to explore and connect with the dominant archetypes, myth  figures or other symbolic representations living within your chart.  Then, we will create a plan to continue to nurture this relationship  through ritual, ceremony and other creative forms of symbolic communication. 

Interested in a Reading?

First, you will receive an in-depth written report of your natal and current transit charts. Then, we will schedule an in-person or remote video call to further flesh out the interpretation.

Synastry (relationship) reports are also available.

After your initial report, you will have the opportunity to receive ongoing support to help navigate and maximize the ability to align with your chart's potential.




I reached out to Liz when I was going through a hard time with my  husband. My issues were complicated, and I wanted to work with someone  who could "ask the stars," as well as direct me into my own body to find  answers. 

Liz is very talented at navigating complex  subjects. She refers to her background in astrology, yoga, meditation  and somatic embodiment to get to the core of issues. Liz never told me  what to do, she listens deeply and helps me come to my own answers. 

I love working with Liz, and I will continue working with her!

-Aurora, Hawai'i

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