Mythical Astrology


Embody your Soul’s Journey Through Consciousness

Astrology is a tool for mapping and tracking the cycles of consciousness, both within the collective and the individual. It’s multidimensional, creative and alive. 

As an esoteric art, astrology requires the interpreter (aka astrologer) to attune to both the gross and subtle, micro and macro-cosmic, frequencies of aspects and transits.  This is a way of deep listening to and building relationship with the universe itself. 

Understand Your Unique Path and Align With Your Potential

Every chart is unique. What does yours say about you? From elements to archetypes, each chart tells a dynamic story

Archetypes are living psychic frameworks that form the foundation of our life stories. This is the architecture through which our individual life stories unfold. Developing  an awareness of these archetypal stories is a way of communicating and  working directly with the Universe. As we learn to attune to the synchronicity  and flow of the Universe, we free ourselves from resistance and limitations.

Develop a conscious relationship with the Universe.

  • What questions are you struggling to answer?
  • Where do you feel stuck?
  • How can you move out of the past?
  • What life path is most aligned for you?
  • Need insight into a relationship issue?

Astrology can help answer these questions and much more. 


“I could not believe my reading. I have had my chart read many times, but not like this. Elizabeth opened my eyes to understanding what has been at play for me in a deep and visceral way”. 

“There is no way she could have know the depths of my soul journey, pains and triumphs they way she did without literally living as me and she literally read them to me in my reading as if she had been living with me in my soul the last 6 months. She lovingly touched on realties that very few if any know about and gave me incredible inspiration and insight into them. She showed me the wholistic and spiritual depth of this ancient practice, that is astrology in one personal reading”. 

“I can see my path and it is confirmed by her interpretation of the dance of the planets, nodes and stars in our system. I feel I better understand myself, where I am in my journey and where I am going and where we are in humanity and where we are going in humanity. I feel prepared to move through the year in relationship with the skies. They have become a tool for me to set myself up for supports, breaks, and powerful engagements based on where Jupiter is each month. And she said as time moves we will have a harder time planning ahead beyond a few days or a week, then two weeks later Corona Virus came to my county and I am experiencing that exact thing in my specific community right now”. 

“I HIGHLY recommend experiencing her incredible wisdom. It is deep, powerful and ancient with an incredible settling loving energy. Do this for yourself, you deserve the grounding and sanity”.

~Jessica Hans-Smolin, NY

Ready to Schedule a Reading?

Personal Reading

You will receive a one-to-one live in depth reading via video media (Zoom, Skype, etc.). This reading will cover prominent natal chart themes and current transits.


Written Report

You will receive an in-depth descriptive natal and transit chart reading AND a live video session. Written reports are lovingly constructed to provide a poetic vision of your inner workings.


Relationship Package

You will receive a series of three live video calls for you and another person. You will each receive a one-to-one session, followed by a synastry reading that compares the two individual charts. This is helpful for intimate relationships, family systems and even professional relationships.

Sliding Scale: $333

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