Wild Embodiment

Compassionate support for personal and collective transformation

Reclaim Your Life!

Rediscover your Purpose and Passion!

Are you tired of feeling at the mercy of your to-do list? Like you are endlessly spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Is something missing, but you're not quite sure what it is or where to find it?

I'm here to support you!

Life should not feel like a hamster wheel of endlessly mundane and demanding tasks. Life is FULL of creative possibility, when we just learn to access it! And sometimes accessing it means taking a hard look at our own self-limiting beliefs, unfulfilling patterns, and emotional barriers that prevent us from stepping fully into Truth.

There is only one YOU and the world needs you to show up! 

Sometimes we can all use some extra guidance. This does not mean that you are wrong or bad; it simply means you are human!  We all experience many challenges that threaten to diminish our ability to meet the world with open hearts and open minds. What matters is how you choose to respond.

Sooo... how are you choosing to respond?

Start simply with a gentle yoga class or take the plunge with my "Be In Truth" mentorship. Come sit silently in meditation or drum away the night at a Full Moon Cacao Ceremony. Schedule a one-to-one private session for individualized support. Share your story at the Red Tent Temple or engage in sacred activism to inspire change in the greater community. Join in the creation of a new world paradigm! 

Please explore my website for information about my current offerings: locally and online!

The revolution begins within!  

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