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Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

You can call me Liz.

I'm a work in progress. 

I've spent a lot (like, a LOT) of time in life learning things the hard way. Bumping  (ok, sometimes face planting squarely) into obstacles that everyone else seemingly floated around delicately. If there was a pole, I walked into it. One time, no kidding, I rode my bike into a moving truck. Let me repeat that- I, an 8 year old kid on a Huffy, drove head on into a moving truck, in the middle of the street, with its horn blaring. 

To say my head was in the clouds would be an understatement.

Thankfully, the truck saw me coming and had slowed to a near stop. Call it luck, fate or divine intervention (divine intervention has been a real thing in my life, sign up for my newsletter to hear about that); either way, I've learned a few tricks and shortcuts to living a heart-led and creative life along the way. It just wouldn't be fair if I didn't share them with my co-travellers on this wild and crazy journey of Life and Love!

Are you Ready to Live a Wildly Fulfilling Life?

  • Do you feel stuck in unfulfilling roles or relationships?
  • Do you stay small and silent to keep the peace?
  • Does self-doubt keep you from getting what you want in life?

I can help!

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“Liz’s movement session work was amazing and authentic. She has a  gift of listening to the essence of a client’s needs and channeling it  into movement to help facilitate awareness, growth and change. 

Her sessions gave me the confidence to shift what was already brewing in  my life, and expand the mental constructs that have kept me confined  through transformative movement in a deeply supportive environment. I  highly recommend Liz and her movement work."

~Kelsey, Maine

So, what does a Session with me look like?

I am a Dance Movement Therapist and Certified Yoga Teacher with many years experience teaching all kinds of awesome humans. You can read my bio here.

Movement is the primary modality that I use, although elements of mindfulness and  earth spirituality appear often as well. I also work with astrology,  Jungian and depth psychology.  

But the real question is....

Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery?

My passion is helping people discover (or remember) their sense of innate wild being; that is, to embody freedom, in the real sense of the word.   

All too often we compromise vital aspects of ourselves to stay safe in this  world... we wind up feeling unseen and fragmented. Yet these parts are often crucial for us to experience wholeness and peace.

At Wild Embodiment, I help you reclaim parts of yourself that have been denied or suppressed, so you can regain a sense of authority and authenticity in your life.

This  is deeply personal work and sessions are always designed to meet you where you are at in this moment; but typically we figure out what is going on for you  (relationship stuff, trauma, body image, etc.) and then explore the  issues through the modalities mentioned above so you can be your  fullest, fiercest, wildest, brightest self!

Isn't change exactly what you want?

Through movement, conscious dialogue, mindfulness and other creative exercises,  I will help you breakthrough self-limiting patterns and create the life you love!

I offer a supportive and nonjudgmental presence, a path that meets you right where you are, and a strong heart.

Schedule an Alignment Call with me today! 

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