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Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

You can call me Liz.

I'm a work in progress. 

I've spent a lot (like, a LOT) of time in life learning things the hard way. Bumping  (ok, sometimes face planting squarely) into obstacles that everyone else seemingly floated around delicately. If there was a pole, I walked into it. One time, no kidding, I rode my bike into a moving truck. Let me repeat that- I, an 8 year old kid on a Huffy, drove head on into a moving truck, in the middle of the street, with its horn blaring. 

To say my head was in the clouds would be an understatement.

Thankfully, the truck saw me coming and had slowed to a near stop. Call it luck, fate or divine intervention (divine intervention has been a real thing in my life, sign up for my newsletter to hear about that); either way, I've learned a few tricks and shortcuts to living a heart-led and creative life along the way. It just wouldn't be fair (that's the Libra in me) if I didn't share them with my co-travellers on this wild and crazy journey of Life, Love and Law.

Life, Love and.... Law?

Yup. Welcome to a body. There are rules here.

Rules, you say?  What kind of rules?

First off, there was a time when I HATED rules. (Sagittarius Rising and Moon Sign = #rulebreaker). Rules meant conformity, boredom, DEATH (ok that might be extreme… or is it? Anyway…) but the reality is rules exist to keep people safe, and this deserves our utmost consideration, because no matter how big, bold and brave (or free-spirited, open-minded and spontaneous) some of us project ourselves to be - deep down, we all have soft, tender hearts in need of kindness and a gentle touch.

Now, I know, that when rules are imposed on us by pathologically power-hungry ego-monsters, faceless institutions and even well-meaning but frightened mama bears, they tend to be more destructive than supportive.  That’s not what this is, (although identifying how those dynamics show up in our lives is certainly a part of it). 

No, beautiful humans, we are talking about the B- word. That’s right – boundaries!

Setting and keeping healthy boundaries allows us to establish a place in the world. A boundary is essentially a container - too small and it is oppressive, too big and it's overwhelming. Just right and we have plenty of room to explore and also a safe place to rest.

And because it wouldn’t be fair (that Libra thing again) to talk only to the rule breakers, I want a special moment, with YOU – the rule followers (I got me some Virgo too - #safetyfirst)! You already get that boundaries equal safety, that boundaries create a level playing field and help us know right from wrong, in the most important ways. But do you know how to let go, really let go, and experience freedom in your body and work? Do you know how to find and follow your flow, surrendering to the creative energy of whirling, swirling ecstatically passionate, opening swell of… mmmm…. Yumminess?

Well, do you? 

Because if not, you’re missing out on what makes life worth living. You’re missing the juice.

Imagine life is a ripe cantaloupe. There is a thick, firm outer shell – these are the boundaries, the LAW. Then there is the sweet, wet, sticky juice- this, my friends, is the LOVE. This is where all the flavor comes from, this is what makes the fruit worth eating. Have you ever eaten an unripe cantaloupe? It’s pretty much the most disappointing thing ever. No juice, no flavor, no fun. 

The path to real freedom, like the cantaloupe, requires both an outer shell and the sweet juice - the Love and the Law. 

Another thing about the cantaloupe, somewhere between the firm shell and the fluid juice is flesh. Soft, tender but still firm. This flesh is the body. The body that holds the space between juice and shell. The body that is a little of both, and at the same time, neither. The balance of Love and Law, of juice and shell, is freedom.

At Wild Embodiment we experience freedom by first returning to center. 

It is only when Love and Law are balanced that we can create harmony in our lives. And here's the exciting part- movement and embodiment practices are powerful tools for returning to center!  Yes- dance, asana, stretching, posture, gesture, MOVEMENT! (I'm giddy just thinking about it)!

Maybe this sounds strange or even worse, terrifying! But, think about it - you’re already doing it right now. Some part of you is LITERALLY MOVING RIGHT NOW. To move is to live. Every single breath is movement and without that, well…. No movement, no breath, no life. Movement is what we do!

So what are you waiting for?!

Take a trip around the website and see if something suits your needs! I'd love to connect. If you're ready you can schedule a FREE Alignment Call now. Here's my calendar link to make finding time easy.

Reclaim Your Life

Wild Embodiment provides opportunities to:

  • identify and change dominant movement patterns and habits
  • explore movements that relate to setting (and keeping) healthy boundaries
  • increase the presence of freedom and spontaneity in your life
  • explore and integrate shadow dynamics 
  • identify myths, archetypes, and stories playing out in your life
  • learn to transmute sexual energy into conscious co-creation
  • activate and balance chakras
  • increase self awareness and the ability to be with intense sensation and emotion
  • explore dynamics of masculine and feminine, yin and yang
  • understand the experience of duality and explore nonduality
  • examine spiritual bypass and other avoidance tendencies
  • activate your inner witness and decrease emotional reactivity 
  • create actual change and move more fully into the life you desire.

We will move at a pace that is appropriate for you and focus on the goals you create for yourself. You will come away with a heart-led plan to create the change you desire and a deeper awareness of  presence in the body.

Schedule your Alignment Call now!

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 I look forward to connecting!

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