Wild Embodiment

Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

You can call me Liz.

I'm a work in progress. 

I've spent a lot (like, a LOT) of time in life learning things the hard way. Bumping  (ok, sometimes face planting squarely) into obstacles that everyone else seemingly floated around delicately. If there was a pole, I walked into it. One time, no kidding, I rode my bike into a moving truck. Let me repeat that- I, an 8 year old kid on a Huffy, drove head on into a moving truck, in the middle of the street, with its horn blaring. 

To say my head was in the clouds would be an understatement.

Thankfully, the truck saw me coming and had slowed to a near stop. Call it luck, fate or divine intervention (divine intervention has been a real thing in my life, sign up for my newsletter to hear about that); either way, I've learned a few tricks and shortcuts to living a heart-led and creative life along the way. It just wouldn't be fair if I didn't share them with my co-travellers on this wild and crazy journey of Life, Love and Law.

Are you Ready to Live a Wildly Fulfilling Life?

I offer Embodiment Sessions, online or in person, to help you create a life you love living.

  • Do you feel stuck in unfulfilling roles or relationships?
  • Do you sell yourself short to make things easier?
  • Do you stay small and silent to keep the peace?
  • Do you wonder when it will be your turn?
  • Does self-doubt keep you from getting what you want in life?

Then let me help! 

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Why Embodiment?

Your body is an essential piece of “Who You Are”.

The body and mind are connected! The body is like a bridge that connects your inner and outer experiences!

It is through the body that you:

· Communicate and relate to others.

· Experience others and the world.

· Experience your internal world of sensation, feeling, and impulse.

· Express yourself.

Are you aware of your unique bodily habits and patterns?

These habits form over time and shape your life, whether or not you are aware of them. Often, they are directly related to the traumas and wounds you have experienced. Maintaining these traumas in your body, prevents them from being processed and released. 

Release the stories that hold you back and become embodied for fulfillment!

Through movement, conscious dialogue, mindfulness and other creative exercises,  I will help you breakthrough self-limiting patterns and create the life you love!

Schedule an Alignment Call with me today! 

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