Wild Embodiment

Wild EmbodimentWild EmbodimentWild EmbodimentWild Embodiment

Embodied Spiritual Counsel for Shifting Paradigms


Truth is Found Within


Welcome visionaries, paradigm shifters, warriors and witches

We are living in uncertain times.


As the systems of the old paradigm collapse, we are being called to navigate the unknown road ahead. The old tools increasingly cannot help and we must learn new ones. 

Now is the time to stand in Truth and usher in a new paradigm of Love.


Astrology Readings


Astrology is an esoteric art that can help an individual attune to the universal energies moving within and through consciousness. A “transit” is a planetary movement and these movements “aspect” the natal chart of each of us; these aspects create tensions and dynamics that support individual and collective development.

Are you interested in a unique astrology reading to support your journey?

6-Month Awakening Package

6-Month Awakening Package

6-Month Awakening Package


Looking for ongoing support that integrates spiritual practice, astrological insight and effective counseling? This 6-month program provides a holistic approach to transformation at every level of your being. The new paradigm begins within.

Soul Embodiment Sessions

6-Month Awakening Package

6-Month Awakening Package


Are you going through a transition? Need a change but not sure where to start? Do you need to integrate a breakthrough experience? These sessions will help you process and recalibrate so you can walk your life path in love, not fear. 



Kelsey, Maine


”Liz’s movement session work was amazing and authentic. She has a  gift of listening to the essence of a client’s needs and channeling it  into movement to help facilitate awareness, growth and change.

Her sessions gave me the confidence to shift what was already brewing in  my life, and expand the mental constructs that have kept me confined  through transformative movement in a deeply supportive environment. I  highly recommend Liz and her movement work."

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