Stop playing small. You were meant for more.



The call of your own inner wildness begs to be set free, yearns to come alive, and dance with wild abandonment, without apology or permission from anyone.

Your Soul beckons to be free from the bondage of a culture that demands your silence, smallness and complicity.

It is time to say "No" to the false safety that smothers you, so you can finally, and fully say "Yes" to your heart's truth.

I will teach you how to listen deeply to your own inner voice.

I will help you reconnect to the part of you that knows what you are here to do and how to it well. 

I will teach you how to be with discomfort and intense emotion. 

I will teach you how to stand in your power even when you would rather run away.

I will teach you how to face the dark so you can dance in the light.

In order to fly, you have to release the old baggage that weighs you down. Victim stories, old belief systems, and negative thinking can keep you from reaching the heights, and the depths, you were meant for.  Are you:

  • Overwhelmed with feelings of powerlessness and despair?
  • Uncertain how to release the past or move toward the future?
  • Stuck in grief, resentment, shame or guilt?
  • Tired of feeling stuck in scarcity and lack?

You don't have to stay stuck.  Reclaim your power now, and create a life you love living.

I am a "Midwife of the Soul"; that is, I help people birth their true selves into being. Not the self that is defined by productivity, social status, or family expectations, but the deep down truth of the soul.

I am available for one to one healing sessions, astrology readings, and group classes.

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Kelsey, Maine



”Liz’s movement session work was amazing and authentic. She has a  gift of listening to the essence of a client’s needs and channeling it  into movement to help facilitate awareness, growth and change.

Her sessions gave me the confidence to shift what was already brewing in  my life, and expand the mental constructs that have kept me confined  through transformative movement in a deeply supportive environment. I  highly recommend Liz and her movement work."


The World Is Changing.... And So Are You.

At times, we might feel lost or uncertain about where we belong. We might feel confused or numb. This can be scary, overwhelming and exhausting.

How do we navigate through climate collapse, social change, spiritual deficit, corporate greed, and the centuries long impact of white supremacy and sexism?

To stay centered through these intensifying collective shifts requires that we become present.

Here’s the raw truth - the world needs you to show up fully. To do this requires that you take response-ability for your own healing process. This takes accountability, courage, and a deep commitment to Truth over bullshit. 

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