Activate Your Inner Magician!


"Dancing the Zodiac" is open for registration!

Are you interested in learning how to use Astrology as tool for personal growth and self-awareness?

Do want to wake up your Inner Magician and Activate Synchronicity in your own life?

Do you want a clearly structured, easy to access way to learn that also helps you build community and apply your skills practically?

Most importantly, do you like to dance?!

This course is an incredible opportunity embody the sensual energies and archetypes of Zodiac for a deep and integrated understanding of this esoteric art. This means that, in this unique course, you will explore the houses, signs and planets in movement. This will allow you to develop a personal and embodied relationship to astrology that goes way beyond what books alone can offer.

Astrology is a journey of self-discovery that can help you align with your highest potential for soul growth, release attachments to what does not serve, and learn to flow with the universe, instead of against it. 

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This 5 month long course will take you on a journey through the symbolic universe.

You will learn all about:

  • The 12 signs and houses of the zodiac.
  • The ruling planets and their functions.
  • The fundamental elements and modalities and how they express themselves.
  • The myths and archetypes associated to the signs, houses, and planets. 
  • Practical skills for personal application of astrology basics. 
  • Basic aspects and transits.
  • Your own natal chart and what it means for your life.
  • And More.  Lots More.

Turn the Mundane Into Magic and Reconnect to Your Sensual Body

Each week, for 18 weeks, you will receive:

  • A video teaching with that week's content
  • A pre-recorded movement session for embodying the week's content
  • A written outline/summary of the content and assignments
  • Journal prompts to help integrate and deepen your understanding
  • Access to a class forum where information can be easily shared.

Throughout the course, there will also be live Q&A calls, in-depth assignments, and ongoing support to help you meet your goals! Additionally, you will have lifetime access to this course. 

Although it is recommended that you move at the same pace as the class, it is not required. There is minimal reading and, although you will receive valuable feedback, you will not be graded.

Cost to participate is $644.00 when paid in full at time of registration.

Payment plans are available.

You can choose:

  • 2 payments of $324.00, or
  • 4 payments of $168.00.

You will walk away from this class with a strong foundation in Western Astrology and the ability to utilize this powerful practice confidently within your own life!

You can expect to spend about 3-4 hours each week on this course. Don't worry, there are several breaks built in, so you have time to integrate and rest!

Registration open May 11th, and closes May 25!

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Feel free to message me with any questions!!

There are so many reasons to practice Astrology, including: 

• Aligning with innate strengths and talents, and living your best life. 

• Honoring and recognizing the relationship between individual and collective.

• Releasing attachments and expectations, and allowing others to live their own lives.

• Cultivating synchronicity and aligning with the frequency of natural time.

• Going with the flow and learning to release that which does not serve.

• Developing a capacity to work with symbolism, archetype and metaphor. 

• Developing a higher understanding of challenging issues and experiences, and learning to trust the universe.

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Astrology for Alignment

Archetypal Insight from the Cosmos

These single online sessions provide in depth insight into the archetypal and planetary influences impacting your experience, through the lens of western astrology. 

  • Get to know your natal (birth) chart.
  • Learn what planetary themes and transits influence your path.
  • Gain insight and clarity into specific questions or concerns about issues you are experiencing right now. 
  • Learn tools for working with specific dynamics so you can succeed in your endeavors! 

Align with your Highest Potential!

What insight is the universe ready to reveal today? 

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