Astrology 101:

Do you want to learn how to use astrology as a tool of insight and alignment with your soul’s path?

Astrology is a map of the soul’s journey through consciousness. It is a way of listening to and being in relationship with the Universe. Using astrology as a modality for psychic exploration and spiritual growth enables us to align with the will of the divine and to unlock the field of synchronicity.

Synchronicity is the key to magic!

Register NOW for a 12-week online class providing a comprehensive introduction into Western Astrology. We will cover all the fundamentals of the Zodiac, including the elements, signs, houses, planets and more! Together, we will explore the field of synchronicity and cosmic connection!

Will you journey through the Universe with me?

Registration opens Wednesday March 11th!

You will receive:

  • Access to 12 Live (Zoom) Video Calls, each presenting a fundamental aspect of western astrology.
  • Two private 1:1 Astrology Sessions 
  • Pre-recorded “Journey to Your Star” Yoga Nidra and meditation
  • Two Full Moon Circles with Ceremony
  • Access to a private group forum (via FB) to ask questions, share reflections and grow your community 
  • Homework and practices to deepen and integrate the course material

When: Live calls will occur weekly and will be approximately 90 minutes in duration. These videos will be recorded so you can replay them whenever it works for your schedule.

Where: Online via Zoom, call times TBD. All calls will be recorded for flexibility and accessibility. You will have ongoing access to the course content even after the course is complete. 

You will also receive two private 1:1 astrology sessions over the course of the 12-weeks. 

These in-depth readings will provide you insight into your own natal aspects, help integrate your learning process, and be a space for individual support and processing.

Payment Options:

  •  Paid in Full - $639
  • 2 Payments - $329 each
  • 3 Payments - $223 each
  • 4 Payments - $169 each



"I just had an amazing session. I've never had my astrological chart explained before. Pretty blown away by the accuracy of the reading, but then again it's a science that's been around a very long time. You can pull up a chart by punching data into a website, but it won't really explain what the results mean in the way a skilled practitioner can"

- Dave, Massachusetts


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