A 6-Week Online Group Journey for Women

Sister, are you ready to turn your Lovelight all the way up?

We know that the world needs love more than ever. Yet, how do we meet this need when our own cups are empty? There’s so many roads we could choose; which one will lead to lasting peace and freedom?

I’m beyond delighted to offer “The Wheel: Exploring the Archetypes of the Grateful Dead” - a 6-week online group journey for women!  

In each week of this course, we will learn about the different archetypal themes within the music of Grateful Dead. Learn how to deal with the Dire Wolf when he comes knockin’, and stay focused on the Golden Road!

Through intuitive movement journeys, guided meditations, creative exercises and other experiences, this online group journey will help you connect to and deepen your spiritual practices, break through self-limiting patterns and integrate deeper levels of authenticity and awareness - all while jamming to the music of the Grateful Dead.

In this 6-week online course you will:

  • Experience how the music promotes such deep soul connections and embodied bliss.
  • Explore the universal themes arising within the music and how these relate to the human psyche.
  • Integrate and Expand your spiritual and healing practices.
  • Engage in practices and exercises to heal issues that are emerging within your own life and consciousness.

Each week you will receive: 

  • A video introducing the weekly GD-themed topics and exercises for the week.
  • A live group Movement Meditation Session for Embodiment.
  • Journal prompts and creative exercises. 
  • Herbal, Mineral, Astrological and other fun extras along the way, as well as ongoing support from me.

Exchange for this course is $216, which can be paid in two installments of $108 each. 

Please include your name and email in the notes when you register. 

This is Course will begin as soon as 10 people are committed and registered! Please email me to add your name to this list!

“One way or another, this darkness got to give”. 

Read on to Learn More

In Module 1, we will be working with “The Wheel”! 

We will explore the foundational archetype of “The Wheel” or “Circle”; including, the balance of structure and space, different ways to apply the wheel in healing and spiritual work, the dynamics between spirit and matter, and of course, how to embody it all with movement practices! 

Module 2 will take us into relationship with The Dire Wolf. We will learn about how to set and maintain healthy boundaries, how to be with intense emotions and reactivity, the impact of trauma and the medicine of the Wolf!

In Module 3 we will learn all about Eyes of the World and staying heart centered in a world that wants to limit our expression, authenticity and creativity! Sometimes we live no particular way, but our own!

What comes next in this unfolding setlist will depend on the energy of the group! I can’t wait to see what emerges!