Ongoing Coaching to Create a Life You Love Living

This is a deep path to recover your innermost sense of freedom

This ongoing Soul Coaching program includes:  

  • Individual One to One Coaching Sessions.
  • Ongoing Email/messenger support.
  • Exercises and practices to support and integrate your process.
  • Herbal, Astrological, Mineral and other Intuitive Recommendations, as needed.
  • Unconditional acceptance and a dash of tough love.

Together we will move through the fears and limitations that hold you back. We will process stuck emotions, navigate messy transitions and regain clarity. We will tap into your unique gifts and help you birth your highest self into the world. We will rediscover the innate flow of joy, freedom and prosperity. 

This is an opportunity to breakthrough fear and deliver your full self into being!

Let’s have a deeper conversation to get to know each other.

Schedule a Free Alignment Call so we can see if we will work well together. This is an opportunity to make sure we are a good fit and can share in the groove together. 

Looking forward to connecting!

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