What prevents you from living in your truth?

Do you ever catch yourself thinking “If only I could _______ then I would _______.”?

Well you heard it here first folks, the problem is not your:

  • weight
  • income
  • relationship
  • annoying ex that just won’t go away
  • needy children

Or any number of other “life issues” that seem to stand between you and the life you desire. (Here’s a secret, this is just “life”. These issues have nothing to do with your ability to be fulfilled).  

Fulfillment is the result of living and feeling life fully, and here’s the thing – most people don't.

Many people choose to stay small because smallness equals safety. And that's ok. Safety has value. And yet there are times... times when your heart aches. Your soul yearns. Your body begs. You are grateful for what you have... and yet...

You just need more: 

More happiness.

More space.

More abundance.

More freedom.

More Aliveness.

Are you ready for More?

Say "Yes" to your Truth and stop playing small.

More is a two-month long mentorship opportunity providing:  

  • 6 full embodiment sessions, online or in person.
  • 2 optional 15-minute check ins at any time in between sessions.
  • Email/messenger support.
  • Exercises and explorations to stay in the process in between sessions.
  • Unconditional acceptance and a dash of tough love.

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More is your opportunity to breakthrough fear and call your full self into being!