Lunar Flow Embodiment

LFE is an online group journey for Women ready to step into conscious relationship with the moon and her magic.

The moon is a powerful archetypal symbol of the feminine, representing the power of receptivity, intuition and creativity. She is the time keeper of nature, moving through thirteen 28-day cycles each year. Each new moon cycle expresses a unique energy, that when lovingly harnessed, can guide and support our own creative, feminine power. 

When we attune consciously to the moon’s rhythmic cycles, we align ourselves with the divine feminine, with our home planet Earth and with our own creative flow. When we are out of alignment, as much of western culture currently is, it leads to dis-ease, dis-harmony and burnout.

Step Into Synchronicity

Lunar Flow Embodiment is an ongoing group space for women to learn how to live in alignment with the Moon’s cycles and in relationship to the Divine Feminine. 

We are Rising!

You will:

  • Learn to integrate the lunar rhythm into a conscious, and embodied path to wholeness.

  • Explore how each moon phase and cycle can help you actualize your goals in a sustainable and supportive way.

  • Explore the moon’s symbolism and archetypes of the Divine Feminine including maiden, mother, wild woman and crone; and learn what these mean in your life.

  • Participate in New and Full Moon rituals with your 13 Moon Sisterhood.

  • Receive support for your own healing process and awakening of the Divine Feminine.

  • Join the collective movement in awakening true power and restoring balance to create a New Earth paradigm!

What medicine does the Moon have for you?

Each Moon Cycle, you will receive:

  • Access to a private FB group with detailed instructional videos, articles and support from your Sisterhood! 

  • New Moon call, via FB Live introducing the themes and symbols of each moon cycle, along with Q&A, and New Moon ritual! 

  • Exercises and practices that will align you with the lunar rhythm in both pratical and esoteric ways.

  • Periodic FB Live videos, providing movement, breathwork and guided meditations synchronized with the lunar phases, to support you in aligning with the flow.

  • Online participation, via Zoom, in a live Full Moon Sister Circle to share, receive support and connect, heart to heart.

  • Discounts on personal chart readings and one to one sessions.

Your exchange for participation in this online sisterhood is $33 each month!

Email me with your request to join.

I will send you an invoice. Once your first payment is received you will be added to the private FB group.  Payment in the amount of $33 will be automatically debited from your account every 28 days, at the start of each New Moon cycle! 

You can join anytime. You can leave anytime! To cancel, I need 24 hours notice, in advance of payment.

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