Embodied Spiritual Counseling for New Age Awareness


Embody Your Potential, Activate Your Power

I am inviting you into a 6-month journey of radical spiritual awakening, limitless personal growth and boundless self-discovery. 

The age of conformity is over. What is needed now is a profound shift of awareness, away from the destructive and consumptive habits of the old world and toward a bright future centered in authenticity and compassion.

The journey begins when you choose to own it fully.

Leave your victim programming behind. Break free of limiting and toxic patterns. It's time to realize sovereignty. 

Your Wholeness is your Holiness

We cannot thrive when we are in a state of self-denial or fragmentation. It is necessary that we make conscious and love all aspects of ourselves.

Wounds come from a feeling of disconnection and scarcity.

This program helps you to realize your innate connectedness and belonging to all that is. We will consider all aspects of our being - as body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.


As above, so below. Your life is a mirror of the Universe. Astrology serves as a map to help us better understand our place in the whole. This program provides powerfully astrological support and integration.


Ritual helps us externalize our connection to the unseen world. It is a way of communicating and inviting spirit into our lives. Receive guidance for creating and engaging in meaningful and powerful ritual work, such as moon ceremonies, ancestral offerings and altar work.


Our bodies ground our experience and provide a vehicle for our growth.  Learn specific embodiment practices, drawn from yoga, theater and dance modalities to help break through somatic limitations, ground your transformational work and expand your expressive potential.

On this 6-month journey, you will receive:

  • An initial written astrology report providing you with in-depth insights into your soul's journey through consciousness.
  • Two 1:1 processing sessions per month via video call.
  • Monthly transit readings and ritual recommendations.
  • New Moon Yoga Nidra Meditations
  • Weekly assignments and practices.
  • Unlimited email/messenger support.
  • Lots of extras, including herbal and mineral recommendations, meditations and movement exercises!

Schedule a Free Alignment Call for more information and so we can get to know each other!



I reached out to Liz when I was going through a hard time with my  husband. My issues were complicated, and I wanted to work with someone  who could "ask the stars," as well as direct me into my own body to find  answers. 

Liz is very talented at navigating complex  subjects. She refers to her background in astrology, yoga, meditation  and somatic embodiment to get to the core of issues. Liz never told me  what to do, she listens deeply and helps me come to my own answers.

I love working with Liz, and I will continue working with her!

-Aurora, Hawai'i