Soul-Centered Mentoring for an Embodied Life

What is emerging in your life?

Ongoing Mentoring includes:  

  • Soul-Centered Individual Mentoring Sessions.
  • Ongoing Email/messenger support.
  • Exercises and practices to support your process post session.
  • Herbal, Astrological, Mineral and other Intuitive Recommendations, as needed.
  • Unconditional acceptance and a dash of tough love.

These sessions combine my experience as a dance therapist with my background in depth psychology and spirituality. This is very unique work that blends movement with meditation, ritual and deep presence. 

Together we will move through the fears and limitations that hold you back. They will help process stuck emotions, navigate transitions and regain clarity and alignment with your Soul’s Purpose.

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This is an opportunity to breakthrough fear and deliver your full self into being!


Welcome to Your Transformation!


Reclaim Your Life

What holds you back from living your fullest potential?

  • Are you tired of feeling consumed by unworthiness, lack, self-doubt and powerlessness?
  • Do you know that something More is possible?
  • Are you ready to become unapologetically whole?

Take a deep dive into your shadow, in the safety of a compassionate and supportive container.

Somewhere within yourself lies the keys to your empowerment, to your sovereignty, to your freedom. Only you can take this journey and recover what was lost. Only you can take this trip.... but I can light the way. 

I have spent my life honing my intuition, exploring forms of movement, and studying the vast world of archetype, depth psychology and consciousness. 

Through movement, intuitive practice, and storytelling, I will guide you to break the cages that limit your potential and keep you small. You will uncover restrictive and unconscious belief systems, process old “stuck” emotions, and learn new ways of inhabiting your body and the earth. 

How would you live, if you were radically, powerfully, and wildly free?