Wild Soul Session

Wondering if Wild Embodiment is right for you?

  • Want to work with me but aren't ready to commit to a long term mentoring relationship?
  • Just need some fresh insight or support?
  • Maybe you're a returning client and just need a check-in?

Schedule your Wild Soul session today.

This single session will provide you with the support you need NOW. Whatever is coming up, whatever you need to process, this session will address it head-on.

A Wild Soul session is about an hour and a half long, via Zoom or in-person.  There is no commitment for any future sessions, and your privacy will be maintained. 

If you are willing and really show up we can work with whatever is emerging RIGHT NOW in your process. 

Click here to schedule your Wild Soul Session.

I look forward to connecting!

Radiant in the Red Tent

Radiant in the Red Tent